Cincinnati Adventure League

The Cincinnati Adventure League(CAL) is a group of Role Playing Game (RPG) players looking for more long-form offerings at the Rook, a board game bar in Cincinnati Ohio. The need from this came from the once-a-month "One Shot" event where players could get all the thrill of a RPG campaign in a single night. Unsatisfied with the inability to carry characters over between sessions the CAL was created. To market this event an Eventbrite page is created with several campaigns listed for customers to purchase. The ticket is for the "kickoff" session where everyone meets each other and rolls up characters. After this initial session parties are free to meet outside the Rook or they can stop by on every other Sunday until they complete their campaign. 

I worked on this concept for several months, trying to figure out the best way to make a good experience for the players while still enabling the Rook to make money. The end result was to reward the game masters with free product as an incentive to come back and have certain hours they could arrive and expect to get a premium experience. By holding the event on Sunday we avoid a lot of the trouble of the weekend business while still allowing a lot of people with normal jobs to attend. We also provide them with a server, which is not normally available on Sunday so they feel like they are getting taken care of. 

In regards to the design I created this with the animation in mind and so a lot of the decisions were based around how I wanted the logo to move. I wanted the logo to get people excited for the event and draw them in from that angle. I didn't overthink this idea and in some ways it's better for it. I knew what I generally wanted and didn't waste time. Since I had a lot of digitally rendered swords and shields from my branding it was easy to convert them and give them new life.