Monthly Media January 2019

Hey everyone! This is a total first for me, but this year I want to make a more active attempt to talk about the media i’m consuming. Not only to get better at writing but also so that I stay AHEAD of what I like and talk about it. The format is stolen from Andrew Kolb who you should all follow.


Castlevania On Netflix:
I love the Castelvania series. I haven’t finished any of the games but I love the mechanics and worlds they create. The Netflix series is a huge departure from the formula of the games, but I think it’s good! the first season was compelling because it was short, full of action, and it’s Science vs Religion motif. Season two is a little longer and play out more like a season of Game of Thrones, but it’s still worth a watch.



Tycho: Jetty
This year has started off with almost two hundred plays of Tycho songs, and I blame Jetty for the majority of them. It’s a track that’s part of a compilation album that Twitch Streamer Ninja helped put together. I’ve been taking a lot of early morning road trips for work and this is usually the track I start my travels with. It starts off with such an immediately catchy hook. When I close my eyes and listen I imagine the joy of exploring an open world like Breath of the Wild.



Super Smash Brothers: Ultimate
Is this a surprise? No. I made the tough choice of quitting Heroes of the Storm not too long ago because I didn’t like the direction Blizzard was taking it (less funding, lol) so I decided that I needed a new game to play semi-competitively. Smash Bros came at the right time. I’ve been watching a lot of Youtube content and I’ve been trying to practice my combos. My roster right now consists of Ike, Richter, and I think I want to add Link because of the remote bomb combos i’ve seen!

It’s an absolute joy to play on the Switch, my only complaint is that Nintendo has no idea how to do online play.